If you are interested in selling your matchcover collection, you may be in luck!  We are buying well established collections right now.  Our primary interest is in collections that:

  • Have a majority of covers that date back to 1950 and earlier
  • Are in nice shape with the majority of covers being unstruck
    • We do understand that most collections contain struck covers
  • Contain 20,000+ covers, but are also interested in purchasing categories as well

We’d love to hear from you if this sounds like your matchcover collection.  Please describe your collection in the message section below.  If you could include a list of your categories and an estimated number of covers you have in your collection, that would be helpful.  We’d also be interested in knowing how your collection is stored – in albums, in boxes, etc.  If you’d prefer to call us, you can do that as well.  We can be reach at 617-329-1732.

For larger collections, we are happy to travel to you anywhere in the continental US or southern Canada.  We’ll pack the boxes and load the truck and be out of your way in short order.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you.