Blast Back To The Past Via The Matchbook Cover

This category is among the most collected in the matchcover hobby. Why? Because there are almost as many hotels and motel matchcovers as restaurant covers. Most new collectors start in either this category or the restaurant category because they are the easiest to find covers from.

There are tens of thousands of singles, sets, and series within the hotel-motel category. Holiday Inn alone has over 23,000 covers and Best Western has over 12,000.

Included in this category are cabins, cottages, bed and breakfasts, motor courts, dude ranches, guest houses, hotels, inns, lodges, lodging inns, motels and just about any other sleeping accommodations.

Matchcovers printed by the same hotel or motel over a 50 to 75 year period is known as a time series within the hobby and are a specialized subcategory of the hotel/motel category. In fact, there are a number of sub-categories within this overall category. Many collect chains as a group by themselves. Canadian Pacific, Delta Hotels, , Hilton Hotels, Best Westerns, Holiday Inns, Hyatt Hotels, Sheraton, Rodeway, etc. etc. Some, including Jack, also have a separate category for old time hotels from the 1920’s – 1950’s, prior to chains making inroads in the industry.