Blast Back To The Past Via The Matchbook Cover

The Girlie matchcover category is among the most popular in the hobby. It even has its own club – the Girlie Matchcover Club.

Girlies are actually broken down into two separate categories. Singles, which are mostly made up of matchbook covers from establishments such as night clubs / bars and other businesses that feature either nude or scantily clad females on them. The singles category is made up of covers of all sizes and shapes, including Features and Giants.

The other sub category of the Girlies category is made up of sets. The majority of sets are made up of the old time pin up girl sets. These are considered stock designs as there were millions of these covers produced. The local business would simply put their business name on the front of the set of matchbooks, with the girls on the back. Match companies made deals with famous artists such as Petter, Moran, Elvgren, Thompson and Vargas.

In addition to these type of stock sets, there are also more modern day sets with actual photographs of either nude or scantily clad women as well.

The Girlie Matchcover Club maintains a list of both sets and singles. All members receive these listings, as well as a quarterly update with any new girlies that are added to the lists. Currently, there are nearly 6,600 matchcovers on the singles list.