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Welcome to Matchcoverguycom where our focus is transporting you back to a simpler time. Matchbook covers, or matchcovers as they are known in the hobby, not only provide us with a vehicle to be taken back to a simpler time, but they also provide us with history lessons as well. What else can capture a magnificent WWII aircraft carrier in a 1" x 4" space? Absolutely nothing can - except a matchcover!

All of the pieces featured on this site are from my dad's 70+ year collection. Jack's page gives you some background on how he got involved in the hobby and how he's built he's built it to where it stands today - at over 600,000 matchcovers. He'll tell you he's never seen a matchcover he hasn't liked. This is borne out by the fact he's got covers ranging from the old "Learn How To Drive" covers all the way up to two extremely rare "Charles Lindbergh" matchcovers.

Be sure to check out our blog to read about and see Jack's collection.

The site will always be be a work in progress as there is so much material in his collection that we want to share with you. Our main goal here is to provide folks with an opportunity they may not otherwise ever have - the ability to locate old matchbooks that mean something to them, or members of their family. Perhaps their dad worked for a trucking line back in the 1940's. Or perhaps their grandparents owned a business in Pocatello, ID in the 1930's that is featured here.

Having a such a large and varied collection provides us with the unique ability to help people connect with their past. We're working on displaying his collection in a number of different ways. You'll see videos, galleries, flip books and individual posts featuring some of the more exciting material in Jack's collection.

In addition, if you are a collector yourself, you'll find articles about various topics of interest within the hobby. To access what we've got posted of Jack's collection so far, please check out our blog.

We also have a shop where we offer prints and magnets and clip art made from some of the incredible artwork on many of the covers in Jack's collection. You can see some examples of what we've got for you in store itself and in the slider just above.

Please let us know if you have any thoughts on the site, additions you'd like to see, or if you have any questions.

Enjoy The Trip Back In Time!

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